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100% Pure Wisconsin American Ginseng

500mg veggie capsules, 60 count per bottle.

No additives, binders or fillers. 

Suggested use is (2) 500mg capsules two times daily. 




To learn more about the Health Benefits of Wisconsin Ginseng: Click here.


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Product Reviews

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Best Ginseng l have ever tried!!!
Written by John R on Feb 27th 2024

Best Ginseng l have ever tried!!!

Ginseng capsules
Written by Jack Perkins on Feb 9th 2024

I have been taking this fantastic product for well over 30 years. If you’re needing a natural product to get you feeling much better with a energy boost…this is it !

Review of Ginseng Camsules
Written by Hampton Mabry, Jr. on Sep 1st 2023

I took one bottle and it gave me more energy. I ran out and delayed in reordering so I had more fatigue. Since taking my new supply - about a week now - I definitely have more energy. Thank you. And thank my friend Bill Dedman for recommending this. (I am dealing with stage 4 prostate cancer which is the cause of my fatigue)

Five Stars -Doctor Recommended
Written by Barbara Stommel on Apr 11th 2023

I purchased through this company after my Neurologist recommended their Ginseng for my MS symptoms. Taking their Ginseng has helped with fatigue, inflammation and brain fog. I have tried other brands of Ginseng. However, I can tell the quality of this product is superior to the others I have taken previously. It is easier to digest and the effects have been more noticeable from day one. Their shipping speed and availability is excellent. I highly recommend this company. I take their capsule form, but have also tried their tea, with positive results. If you are looking for the real deal and a company and quality product you can trust; this is it. Five Star and Doctor recommended.

Written by Rhonda. Graham on Mar 14th 2023

Love this stuff

Written by Rhonda Graham on Feb 16th 2023

My doctor suggestions I try ginseng for my cancer pain . It's the best thing I ever did they work great

Ginseng Capsules
Written by Robert Blomeyer on May 26th 2022

Excellent product. Prompt delivery!!

Written by Obi Nwambuonwo on Mar 21st 2022

My doctor recommended this product following my experiencing of bouts of daily fatigue. I’m glad to say that just 2 capsules a day , makes a world of difference for my energy level. I would gladly recommend it to anyone who might need it. I love that it’s also a natural product, not chemicals produced. Thank you.

So far, so good
Written by Cece on Nov 6th 2021

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and started taking this on the recommendation by my doctor. I've only been taking it for a few days, but it seems to be helping with my general fatigue, as well as mental alertness. I plan to keep taking it. Just wanted to try it for a while before committing to regular shipments.

Written by Tom Finnegan on Aug 30th 2021

I placed my order for Wisconsin ginseng at the recommendation of my doc. I've had some significant bouts with fatigue since starting a recent cycle of chemotherapy. I had positive results pretty quickly after taking the ginseng as recommended. On the logistics side of things, my delivery arrived as promised.

Excellent Purchase (Ginseng Capsules)
Written by Angela Tringone on Jun 14th 2021

Excellent purchase. Good delivery Time. Will Purchase again. Thank-You.

Written by Glenn Wolfe on Dec 9th 2020

I've been using ginseng for over 20 yrs. for energy and mental sharpness. Five years ago I discovered WI ginseng and have found that the quality is far better than the imported that I had been using. Plus am supporting home state producers.

Ginseng for chemo
Written by Michael Reed on Feb 20th 2020

I started taking the Wisconsin ginseng after my oncologist showed me a study that said it helped chemo patients (me) with their energy levels. I’m was skeptical, but took the recommended dosage (2 500 in am & 2 500 in pm) . After about 2 months I & my wife could tell a noticeable difference in my energy level. Personally, I’m not big on taking pills, but this is well worth the inconvenience to me. BTW, it’s cheaper to get them directly than from Amazon!

These capsules really help me!
Written by Terry Douds on Jan 27th 2020

I’ve been taking these ever since Dr. Moyad talked about them in the “Hot Sheet”, the monthly newsletter of USToo, the Prostate Cancer national support group. My Oncologist said it was ok, as I too was suffering from the massive fatigue most of us notice with this disease. What I find with these is that I don’t get “additional” energy from them; what I do get is a longer time before I “hit the wall”, running out of energy completely, and it’s been quite helpful to me!

Written by Donna on Aug 6th 2019

I have only been taking for a few days now to combat fatigue from chemo. Hope it works. I take 2 in am and 2 early afternoon. Shipping was fast.

Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules
Written by Mike on Jun 20th 2019

Works as advertised, being a cancer patient and having fatigues is not unusual. my Oncologist recommended them and I noticed a difference immediately. I took one 500mg in the morning and one at dinner time. I wasn't fatigued but I also could not sleep, was too wound up. I started to take only one tablet in the morning and feel much better. I am not sure why they recommend 4 pills per day, I think it is a bit too much for me.

ginseng tablets
Written by audrey patrick on Apr 13th 2019

Great product!! I am sleeping well. I am also not sleeping during the day, like I used too all the like. It happens once in a while, but not every day. I am functional during the day!

Good Product
Written by John on Jan 28th 2019

This 100% Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules is very easy to eat and nothing will be wasted. I like this product and hope you like it too.

100% Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules
Written by John on Dec 18th 2018

Excellent quality ginseng. I take daily for increased energy. Have used this ginseng for a few years now and find it works very well for me.

100% Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules
Written by Nicole Schoepflin on Aug 13th 2018

Fantastic product!

Written by Al Simmons on May 31st 2018

Chemo had my wife so tired all the time. Nothing seemed to help. Read about the Mayo study and contacted a friend that was involved with Mayo and the study. He reported remarkable results. I can personally concur. Nothing short of profound positive effects regarding energy and mood. Highly recommended. Dr. Skullborous

Written by Clarence S Hathaway on Feb 15th 2018

Great product.

Review-Suprised and Amazed
Written by Anne Hallgren on Sep 12th 2017

I am completely sold on Ginseng. I've been taking it(Capsules) 4 times a day for about 1 1/2 months. My GI put me on it to increase my gut motility but the first thing I noticed was I am actually feeling more energy and way less fatigued. My fatigue was so bad I could barely move. With multiple autoimmune diseases my fatigue is horrendous but after a week on the Ginseng I woke up one morning wanting to get out of bed and I did several things around my house I had been wanting to do for months. Only negative is the after taste but I drink a ton of water after I take them. Wonderful! Thanks!

Ginseng Capsules
Written by Theresa on Aug 3rd 2017

My husband began taking these capsules when he started receiving chemo and has maintained a good level of energy.

Great Product
Written by John on Jun 16th 2017

This is the real Wisconsin Ginseng. If you want the real one, please buy online from here. Easy to eat and easy to carry when travel. Shipping is fast.

100% Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules
Written by Lois B on Jun 6th 2017

Have been using these for years with noticeable difference in my energy level when I use them. Feel confident in their purity.

Life after Chemo!
Written by Cathy on Feb 3rd 2017

These Ginseng capsules are the best. I've taken them for over a year now. I can really tell a difference. My energy has risen significantly.

Written by diane putterman on Jan 17th 2017

I read the Mayo Clinic study so decided to give this product a try. it took several weeks but my energy level is much better especially late afternoon. I am sold on this product.

Locally Grown Is Best Practice and QUALITY
Written by Glenn Wolfe on Jan 5th 2017

This product seems to give more energy and mental awareness. I have been using ginseng capsules for 30+yrs and this product is far better in quality vs imported products and taking shipping into account is a better value. Plus helps support home state business :-)

Best Ginseng in the world
Written by Patty Bellin on Nov 2nd 2016

Last year our Herb group visited the Ginseng Growers in the Wausau area. Very impressed with the quality of the growers and the product. Will only buy from them.

Chemo help
Written by Al Simmons on Aug 24th 2016

Bought this product based on reliable controlled studies conducted by a major medical research project. I can confirm that the ginseng is helpful in reducing chemo related fatigue. This ginseng was the very product used in the study. As it is comparable in price, why go elsewhere? Buying directly from the farmers that grow it is always best.

Locally Grown Is Best Practice and QUALITY
Written by Glenn Wolfe on Aug 23rd 2016

I have been using this product for over a year and have the quality far superior to imported products that I have tried. Also the price is comparable to the imported product.

Best Ginseng in the World
Written by Patty Bellin on Aug 19th 2016

After a visit to the Wausau area and visiting the Ginseng farms, I will only buy from there.

Great Porduct, just as advertised and even better!
Written by Teresa on Jul 15th 2016

Before my husband and I bought this ginseng, we were very sceptical about the reviews. But this ginseng is very definitely the real deal. We chose this product to help with energy and not tax the adrenal glands, like other ginsengs do. Since starting on the American Ginseng, my husband and I are having an increase in energy but no super highs or super lows. We are experiencing a steady consistent increase of energy and a nice slow tapering off at the end of the day. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs an energy boost, without the crash of other energy boosting supplements.

Written by Susan Feiock on Jun 16th 2016

I've noticed an improvement in my overall health.

Written by undefined on May 31st 2016

My husband's oncologist recommended he take Wisconsin ginseng to improve his energy level, and after just a few weeks I could tell the difference. He's doing more and not sleeping as much--and he's only taking 500 MG a day. As a caregiver, I started taking it too. But I just did that a few days ago, so I can't report yet on the benefits for me.

Written by undefined on Mar 22nd 2016

I am so thankful that I have found this product through the Mayo Clinic study. After having chemo, this really helps with my energy!

Great for diabetics
Written by Bob Howe on Mar 3rd 2016

Ginsing has significantly helped my type II diabeteies my ALC counts are back to normal

boots energy !
Written by undefined on Jan 29th 2016

This product help me a lot get by daily ,I just finished head and neck cancer and I'm cancer free for 4 months, but still had side effect of post chemo and radiation treatment , I'm get fatigue almost every day and I take this product 2 times a day ( 1 tablet each time is good enough for me), as first couple days I didn't feel the help but after almost 1 bottle and I starting noted that it's helped, I did tried take it during chemotherapy treatment but I can't stand for the smell so I stop , so this good for post treatment.

Feel the difference
Written by Susan on Jan 26th 2016

My mind and body can feel the difference when I don't take the capsule Ginsing

Prostate Cancer Energizer
Written by Hitch on Dec 10th 2015

500 mg of 100% Wisconsin American Ginseng Herbal Supplement keeps me going all day. Took some time to kick in but now I feel the deference in my energy throughout the day.

Helped resolve my chronic fatigue
Written by Margarita Cruz on Nov 20th 2015

I read about the mayo clinic study and thought i would try it for my chronic fatigue. I am 56, and suffer from chronic pain which really zaps my energy. In the Mayo Clinic they gave people large doses, 2000 mgs a day or four pills a day. I did the same. I found a difference after two weeks. I don't fall asleep so early in the day, and i have sustained energy more evenly as the day moves forward.

Game changer
Written by B on Oct 20th 2015

Read about Wisconsin Ginseng in the People's Pharmacy column of The Dallas Morning News as it related to a study done in Houston at MD Anderson Cancer Center with patient fatigue. Wisconsin ginseng was given high reviews. Since I am a originally a Wisconsin native and also have cancer, I bought these capsules soon after. I believe they have worked for me. Bought more to give to fellow cancer patient friends.

Written by Cathy Williams on Oct 6th 2015

I was told about the Mayo Clinic study, using this specific Wisconsin Ginseng, by my oncologist. My test results were coming up great, but my energy was very low. It was super discouraging. After taking the recommended dose (2,000mg/day) of Wisconsin Ginseng for four weeks, my energy was improving. Now, having taken it for 9 weeks, my emotional and physical energy have GREATLY improved. It has changed my life! I highly, highly recommend it. I am able to work, shop, cook and generally live my beautiful life. THANK YOU so much for providing this high-quality product. I am telling everyone I know.

Hoping to improve my energy and reduce my fatigue caused by cancer medications
Written by Charles (Chuck) Maack, Prostate Cancer Mentor to others worldwide. See: www.theprostateadvocate.com on Sep 17th 2015

I cannot yet "rate" the product. I am a prostate cancer patient wherein the medications to control my cancer have sapped my energy and experiencing resulting fatigue. I ordered your Wisconsin Ginseng after reading that taking two capsules twice daily can help, but it will likely take two months before realizing a return of at least some energy and reduced fatigue. So, contact me again after two months with your product, and I will have a better idea of whether this has helped or not. I ordered four bottles...if you see me order four more, you can figure it must be helping. P.S. - I was born/raised in Oshkosh (B'Gosh!) Wisconsin, but after 27 years in the Navy eventually ended up in Wichita, Kansas

Locally Grown Is Best Practice
Written by Glenn Wolfe on Sep 17th 2015

Being a life long resident of WI, I've always supported WI agribusiness. Having taken ginseng for over 25 years, it only makes common sense to buy local. The quality of this product appears to be superior to that imported from the foreign markets. As for price, this product is Comporable to what I have been paying for the foreign product. SUPPORT WI AGRIBUSINESS BUY LOCAL

Best quality ginseng I have used
Written by undefined on Sep 15th 2015

My doctor told me to buy this brand because it is of the highest quality of all American ginseng manufactured.

Written by undefined on Jun 24th 2015

the pills seem to be good quality. I think time will tell if they actually give me energy.