Wisconsin Ginseng Slices

Ginseng & Herb Co-Op
Height 4.50
Width 7.00
Depth 1.50
Gift Wrapping Available


100% Wisconsin Ginseng Sliced Roots are very versatile, making them a great gift option! 

They are convenient for cooking, tea and great for snacking.

Available in 4oz and 8oz packages. 





To order outside the U.S., call us at 715-443-3355 or email us at support@ginsengherbcoop.com

Product Reviews

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Quality product, thumbs-up from Chinese In-Laws
Written by Wayne on Apr 4th 2019

This is a quality product we know is the real deal which is why it was purchased from an American concern and shipped by us to China. My in-laws tell us it's a wonderful quality product. We re-ordered and are sending them another 4 boxes to replace the 1 box they have almost used up. The cost is high but it's a quality product.

Potent stuff
Written by Frank on Nov 22nd 2017

Convenient slices, I drop a few in my cup and drink it like tea, very tasty. Will order more when I run out.

better than what i had
Written by hana on Jun 27th 2016

This time the slides come from bigger routs and they have more effect than the my previous purchase.

The product is excellent
Written by undefined on Jun 8th 2016

Is an excellent choice and I am planning to buy it repeatedly since help me to be woken during afternoon time.

Really good
Written by Lily on Feb 29th 2016

These ginseng slices taste good. Every morning I put one slice into the mouth, and use my saliva to moisten it for a while. Good, I feel more energized. I buy them for my parents too, and it also works for them!

really good quality ginseng
Written by albert on Nov 23rd 2015

These ginseng slices taste really good and strong. I seep them with green tea. They are not starchy like cheaper quality ginseng.

Very real
Written by undefined on Sep 15th 2015

I am so glad I found the US-grown ginseng, and I was told they are non-GMO. I really like it as I feel more energized. I buy for my mom too and it works for her as well. The customer service is the first class!

Really Good
Written by undefined on Jun 29th 2015

I think it's really good, the taste is strong enought. one or two slices is enough for daily use. I like it, and will buy it again.