CLEARANCE: Ginseng Tea-Small Box (10 Bags)

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Depth 3.20
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Delightful and refreshing Wisconsin Ginseng Root Tea. Convenient tea bags brew 3 to 4 cups each, great hot or chilled. 

Our ginseng is professionally graded to meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards. Each lot of ginseng sold through the GHC can be directly linked to the producer that grew the ginseng. Each producer invests time, money and energy in assuring the highest quality ginseng is produced. That is why Wisconsin Ginseng has a worldwide reputation for excellence. Consumers around the world specifically request Wisconsin Ginseng because they know it is the very best.


Product contains Ginseng Board of Wisconsin and Certified seals of which GUARANTEES product to be:
  • Origin Validated - It is genuine, authentic Wisconsin Ginseng that can be tracked back to the farmer and field of which it was grown
  • Tested at an independent lab to assure purity
  • Residue tested
  • Ginseng has been recently harvested for assured freshness
  • Directly transported from the farm to the Cooperative

Product Reviews

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Ginseng Tea
Written by Duane Walsh on Mar 24th 2020

Have been drinking Ginseng tea for many years - This Tea has Great Taste- My Wife and I Love it .

Love this tea
Written by Sheryl on Jun 1st 2016

I got some of the tea bags with my last order of capsules and really love it. I opened the tea bag and put 1/2 in my tea basket and have used it several times already. I put the tea basked in the refirg in a cup between uses. The 10 bags will last me a long time. I find it very relaxing and supportive for my adrenals. I find the taste to be mild and I didn't add any thing to it. Good product and I feel comfortable using it as an American ginseng.

Take the 10 day challenge: for joint and arthritis pain.
Written by undefined on Apr 4th 2016

I call it the 10 day challenge because I didn't know if I was gonna like the tea and this place offers a 10 tea bag order. I did my research on certain homeopathic and organic ways to help with my joint and arthritis pain, instead of taking a pill everday. I have three discs that have degenerated and an arthritic hip. Since each tea bag is good for 3 to 4, 7oz servings, I use 1 tea bag a day steeped in a 25oz thermos overnight. I add local honey to taste the next morning. The taste isn't what you would expect, but I don't drink this tea for taste, it's medicinal for me. I noticed after 8 days of drinking 25oz of this tea a day, on an empty stomach, my pain decreased and my mobility increased. I would absolutely recommend trying this tea to help with overall well being as well as joint pain. The only negative I experienced was that the packaging when sealed sealed onto the tea bag and caused it to rip when I opened it. I have a tea decanter so it wasn't a big deal. If the taste is a bit overpowering for you, I would also put in an ALVITA ginger tea bag, which also has anti-inflammatory properties. It's really reassuring to find a great American product.