NEW! Ginseng Tea-Small Box (10 Bags)

Ginseng & Herb Co-Op
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Height 3.25
Width 4.40
Depth 3.20
Gift Wrapping Available

NEW & IMPROVED: New harvest, high Ginsenoside levels and sturdier packaging than ever before!! 

New tea bags are made out of plant fiber.


  • A sustainable combination of abaca and cellulose fibers
  • Pulp used to make our filter papers is never bleached with chlorine
  • Natural filter papers that are left in their natural state
  • Healthy and environmentally conscious filter papers


Delightful and refreshing Wisconsin Ginseng Root Tea. Convenient tea bags brew 3 to 4 cups each, great hot or chilled. 100% Wisconsin American Ginseng, no additives binders or fillers are added to the product. 

Our ginseng is professionally graded to meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards. Each lot of ginseng sold through the GHC can be directly linked to the producer that grew the ginseng. Each producer invests time, money and energy in assuring the highest quality ginseng is produced. That is why Wisconsin Ginseng has a worldwide reputation for excellence. Consumers around the world specifically request Wisconsin Ginseng because they know it is the very best.


Product contains Ginseng Board of Wisconsin and Certified seals of which GUARANTEES product to be:
  • Origin Validated - It is genuine, authentic Wisconsin Ginseng that can be tracked back to the farmer and field of which it was grown
  • Tested at an independent lab to assure purity
  • Residue tested
  • Ginseng has been recently harvested for assured freshness
  • Directly transported from the farm to the Cooperative