Mixed Grade Wisconsin Ginseng

Ginseng & Herb Co-Op
Height 6.00
Width 8.00
Depth 2.50
Gift Wrapping Available

Mixed Grade Wisconsin Ginseng Roots are 3 to 4 year field variety. Comes in re-sealable pouches. Sold in 8oz or 16oz pouches only.


Product contains Ginseng Board of Wisconsin and Certified seals of which GUARANTEES product to be:
  • Origin Validated - It is genuine, authentic Wisconsin Ginseng that can be tracked back to the farmer and field of which it was grown
  • Tested at an independent lab to assure purity
  • Residue tested
  • Ginseng has been recently harvested for assured freshness
  • Directly transported from the farm to the Cooperative



Shipping costs are additional.

To order outside the U.S., call us at 715-443-3355

Product Reviews

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Mixed grade Wisconsin ginseng
Written by Chan on Sep 24th 2019

Excellent quality, affordable price

Mixed Grade Wisconsin Ginseng
Written by Clara on Jun 12th 2019

Very Good quality, like it very much.

Gengseng roots
Written by Yang on Jan 15th 2018

Good ,I like it.

great product
Written by jack on Jul 24th 2017

Second time to purchase. Great product!

good quality
Written by Spencer on Apr 3rd 2017

bought it to my parents, mixed grade is good, relatively low price with high quality. My parents love it. They sliced it by themselves and soak in water.

Written by pedroguy on Aug 14th 2016

We grind to powder and take daily. Good health benefits.

Mixed Grade works for me
Written by Will & Henyi on Jul 6th 2016

We obtained this Mixed Grade to make a healthy Chinese soup. My wife's family approve the quality as mixed or medium grade. Other types of ginseng not grown in Wisconsin have let us down.